Wellbeing is central to everything we do at ThoughtConnect; and wellbeing has been the focus of my career.

If injury, illness, sick leave and stress are frequent experiences for you or your organisation, your performance and productivity suffer enormously. Unfortunately, the approach we often take is a reactive rather than a proactive one. My role is to teach skills and strategies that not only address ill health, but prevent it from becoming a problem for you in the first place.

As a physiotherapist, fitness instructor, mindfulness coach and group facilitator in wellbeing and resilience, I can help you and the people you work with in the following ways:

  • Measure and reduce stress and stress-related illnesses

  • Design physical fitness and mental fitness programs for you and your staff

  • Introduce strengths-based approaches that build community and positive culture

  • Connect you with other professionals who can provide employee support services

  • Offer workshops and courses in mindfulness and emotional resilience

My current focus is on integrating mental and emotional health skills into physical fitness, so I am especially interested in hearing from fitness professionals who are seeking to expand their skillset and client offerings as well as their own wellbeing. Contact me today through ThoughtConnect; to discuss how I can help you with your health and wellbeing needs.