We know business is all about relationships. It is essential to motivate, engage and communicate confidently and effectively. Relationship success also depends on proactively managing risks of real or potential conflicts.

Although most of us would prefer it to be different, conflict is often a driving force for change. I believe you can turn conflict risks into positive, creative opportunities that build better relationships. I am passionate about helping create value from these complex situations because Ive been there too.

As Founder and Principal of Elizabeth Williamson Solutions, I bring over 30 years conflict management expertise, forged from diverse consultant, counselling and management roles. As an accredited mediator, I have facilitated complex workplace mediations for major banks, education sector, government departments, SME and NFP organisations.

I provide tailored conflict resolution consulting, training, and when required, independent facilitated mediation.

As a speaker and trainer, I bring authenticity and humour to exploring conflict resolution and more creative thinking. My goal is to educate with insights and stories about how we unwittingly create conflict in business and family life, and then motivate skilled personal and practical steps towards happier, more productive relationships.

Business leaders today face new problems in conflict management as organisational responsibilities and accountabilities increase. Research indicates that the number of controlling and narcissistic people is increasing. This problem exists in our competitive business world, government departments, education, sporting and community organisations.

The knew generation of leaders are expected to be proactive, skilled personal and professional conflict managers. I have made it a professional mission to learn directly from relationship masters, influence teachers and thought leaders. To ensure clients have best practice, research-based, and practical strategies at hand and workplaces are based on productive, resilient and respectful team work.


  • Nationally Accredited Mediator

  • Member, Resolution Institute

  • Master of Social Science Counselling

  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

  • Alumni, South Australian Governors Leadership Foundation Program