Professionally trained in the days where excelling in customer service was a valued profession and where the customer was always right, Davids background has spanned over 25 years across wholesale and retail sales, sales management and customer service excellence.

His background has seen him exposed to some of Australias best known FMCG and Retail companies, all leaders in their fields, but all focused on bringing the best out of their brands, and their people.

In 2016, Davids brought his business idea to life; Two Steps Forward Consulting, with the vision to Help Others Reach their Potential. The concept of exposing non-corporate businesses to the world of Strategy, Leadership and Capability were the key drivers of bringing his business and his passion of helping others, to life. Any business can benefit from Davids insights into capability, leadership and strategic planning, which sees David working with a range of businesses across a range of industries. David encourages all his clients to look within their organisation and themselves, before putting plans in place to unlock growth in their business and their people.

So many challenges can be overcome by critically looking within the framework of the business or the attitudes of the people bringing that business to life. Without these insights, the best laid plans can easily fall flat and valuable time, wasted. David Watts.

Davids passion for doing the right thing, because its the right thing to do, is ultimately what drives his authentic approach to working with all his clients.