Announcing: ThoughtConnected.com.au

"After lots of work in partnership with Anthony McAvaney, Principal of "Get Online Lab" and Associate of The ThoughtConnect Group, we are really pleased to launch ThoughtConnected.com.au 
The ThoughtConnect Group; are passionate about supporting business and if you are, or want to be, a freelancer, consultant, coach, mentor, advisor, or counsellor we think we can help you.
This is an online coaching, training and mentoring gateway for people who are already self employed, or aspire to be self employed.
We will be bringing you the best training and advice from our amazing Associates and Partners as they help you achieve your business success.
I hope it adds value to your business!"
John and Anthony

How confident are you that your business will survive?

When you are consultant or freelancer, you need to be aware of the twists and turns that may come around the corner, so you can actively work to avoid or mitigate each one.

Even when things seem to be going smoothly, consultants and freelancers must be prepared for the inevitable challenges.

I’ve always believed it’s the questions you ask in life that have the biggest impact on your personal and business success!

I've prepared a short report covering some of those questions -

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It’s a road map – asking the vital questions you need to answer in order to thrive as a consultant or freelancer.

Aspiring Consultants Accelerator Program

Attention anyone who is thinking about starting their own professional consultancy!

This is ideal for anyone wanting to establish and build a successful and sustainable consulting business, featuring individual coaching and workshops jam-packed with insights, practices and step-by-step guidance and action.

Brought to you by David Richards and John Munro Spots are limited. For full details on the program and bookings, please click below or feel free to drop me a message!

David and I look forward to meeting you!

David Richards
John Munro