Mark Johnson

ThoughtConnect Mark Johnson

In an increasing complex business world, we all need to live by the adage

 “Work Smarter Not Harder:

After a successful business career spanning 40 years I can share experiences and skills to help enhance your business. I feel honoured to be able to assist clients and associates in the pursuit of excellence.

I have worked in the Financial and Professional Services Industries at Senior Management level, naturally working my way “through the ranks”. Along the journey, I have dealt with most situations the average business will come across on a day to day basis. I especially enjoy working in the following areas:

Enhancing your cash flow with:

  • pro-active debtor management
  • superior billing processes and
  • strong inventory management

Implementation of Business Plans and review of strategies and policy

  • Facilitation of Planning and Strategy meetings
  • Review of current procedures and advice on different ways to operate

People Management and Development

  •  Empowerment is too often only found in the dictionary it must be a standard practice in a successful business.
  • Succession Planning will ensure your business can grow organically and give your people superior job satisfaction

I have practised both these strategies with great success and can help develop these strategies for your business.

Public speaking, and Presentation Skills

I have superior Public Speaking and Presentation skills and can assist clients and associates improve this often-awkward experience. I have been recognised nationally by Rostrum Australia for my competence in this field.