Maria Harriss

I’ve studied Sociology and Psychology, followed by Social Administration, and have worked in a range of Therapy and Counselling positions, as well as holding a number of Management roles within the Public Service. I have also started and exited a couple of exciting businesses of my own.

During this time, I’ve continued to maintain a strong interest in organisational culture and personality (Myers Briggs qualified, Strategic Alignment), and how these interact within the complex structures of an organisation. In particular, how an organisation motivates employees to fully participate in improving strategic outcomes.

I became aware of the work of David Cropley (The Psychology of Innovation in Organisations) at UniSA about 12 months ago, including his Innovation Phase Assessment Instrument (IPAI) that measures the innovative capacity of an organisation, and was excited by his new approach to organisational change. Up to now very little attention has been given to established organisations and how they can be innovative and responsive to the opportunities inherent in a constantly changing environment. Our work gives organisations, in particular every employee, the tools to be innovative, drive change and be leaders in their field. Organisations we have worked with have increased productivity and profitability, as well as develop a “can do” culture of creativity and innovation. 

mobile:       0412 526 225