Everyone knows there are few things in life that can be avoided if you want to do business with large organisations and/or government insurances, competence, quality products and/or services and safety systems.

Until recently, many businesses have managed to retain contracts with little or scant documentation. However, the bar is continuously being raised higher and the security of ongoing work may no longer be guaranteed. Lee-Anne is seeing this happen more and more working with Local Councils whereby contractors will no longer be engaged without providing proof that they comply with a number of due diligence requirements, over and above the provision of certificates of currency.

Lee-Anne has been a senior Work Health and Safety and Injury Management practitioner for more than 25 years with some of Australias largest employers. With a strong background in the manufacturing, finance and government sectors she established a consultancy business 4 years ago specialising in Work Health and Safety, Quality & Environment (WHSQ&E) Management System design and auditing.

Lee-Annes expertise is derived from many years of auditing, analysing and designing systems that are practical and deliver tangible results and is particularly interested in working with small to medium-sized organisations looking for WHSQ&E systems that are tailored specifically to their needs.

All too often businesses try and hobble together systems by borrowing documents from others. Whilst this may seem a cost-effective way of generating a set of WHSQ&E documentation there is a significant risk that what has been hobbled together meets neither legislative requirements or the requirements of the business. The end result is that risk is not mitigated to the degree that it should and a prosecution is likely to result in higher penalties than had a proper system been in place.

It takes time to develop and implement a WHSQ&E Management System that reflects the needs and language of a business and, most importantly, fits into existing business activities. Its a journey, not just a destination, and every business is at a different stage and this is where Lee-Annes practical approach comes to the fore.


  • A strong working knowledge of Human Resource management principles.

  • Strong analytical, auditing and investigation skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and people management skills.

  • Proven leadership capability with a supportive and collaborative style.


WHSQ&E System Design

  • Local Government Association

  • Local Franchises

  • Small to medium-sized trade businesses air-conditioning, general handyman, domestic and corporate cleaning providers, carpentry, civil concreters, civil construction, education and IT service providers


  • Motor Accident Commission state government

  • Honeywell international business

  • AMEK Air Conditioning multi-state business

Tri-certification System Design

  • Integrating systems and ensure they address all components required by the current international WHS, Quality and Environment Standards. Industry sectors include civil construction, air conditioning and property maintenance.