Kate Russell

ThoughtConnect Kate Russell

It can be lonely at the top. There is a huge amount of responsibility in managing and leading teams…because people matter…all people matter. I support and nurture managers, team leaders, CEO’s and small business owners to effectively manage conflict and to build strong and resilient teams.

Great teams can produce results that are significantly greater than the sum of their parts. They will have each others backs and they will care for each other. This will result in people wanting to come to work and taking less unplanned leave. It’s good for the organisation and it’s good for the individuals in the team.

I show people how to manage a crisis and effectively deal with conflict, which has the long-term benefit of building resilience, which will enhance lives, communities, workplaces and society in general. Better relationships enrich all of us. And when we have greater self awareness, look after ourselves and are more assertive then the incidence of conflict will be reduced because we will not be reacting to situations but managing them.

My work includes coaching managers and leaders, workplace culture analysis, team building, performance management coaching, mediation, alternate dispute resolution in general, conflict coaching and the implementation of conflict management systems in all sorts of environments.

I believe that people matter and that relationships improve and overall productivity in a workplace is enhanced when staff and/or volunteers feel valued, listened to and respected. ACM is all about building relationships and improving communication.

Why do we do this…because people matter.