Kate Mills


Wellbeing Consultant
Bachelor of Behavioural Science & Psychology

Change is inevitable…Growth is optional.

Do you want more? To feel more, be more, do more? We live in a society that tells us more is better. However, successful people know it’s not ‘more’ that’s important…it’s focus and quality. What are you focussing on? Where is your energy being spent? Are your thoughts helping you or hindering you?

Focus MORE on what matters and watch your life shift.

‘My passion has always been helping individuals, groups and businesses reach and sustain optimal wellbeing. Clients notice immediate results in productivity, happiness and purpose.’

Kate is a generous and supportive healthcare professional with over a decade of experience in implementing wellbeing strategies and programs in large corporate environments across Australia.

Kate improves the lives of people through:

  • Personalised employee coaching/counselling
  • Positive wellbeing culture development
  • Values based goal setting/Intrinsic motivation
  • Meta Cognition coaching
  • Adrenal Fatigue (prevention and strategies)
  • Women’s health including post-natal depletion, return to work, body image and maternal mental health
  • Conscious decision making
  • Flexible thinking
  • Importance of rest and self- care

Working with Management, staff or clients, Kates holistic framework, ensures she understands the individuals current situation, and can therefore commence work on providing them with the tools to build their strengths, increase awareness, resilience and wellbeing.

Kate helps individuals reconnect to their purpose.

Clients can expect increased Self Efficacy (control and trust over life choices through coping with challenges and finding confidence in abilities)

Kate can help you turn your mind into your most important ally!

With qualifications in Behavioural Science/Psychology as well as real life and professional experience, Kate combines intelligent holistic services to ensure her clients are feeling refreshed recharged and refocussed.

Kate’s mission is to assist clients in achieving a more self- aware, conscious space.

‘My personal and professional experience has made me a passionate advocate of self -care and improving our most important relationship- the one we have with ourselves! I am adept in understanding my client’s needs and take great pleasure in assisting them on their way to a more passionate and peaceful life!’

An investment in Kate is an investment in wellbeing.

mobile:     0433 914 062
email:      katemills@thoughtconnect.com.au