Anthony McAvaney


In life and career people sometimes get stuck and can’t seem to work their way out of, or around situations or circumstances that have arisen.

This could be because they have lost perspective, have insufficient skills to manage or resolve their current situation, or perhaps they simply need some guidance or reassurance in order to move forward.

Well, what I do is to empower people in these types of situations to become ‘unstuck’.

Since the year 2000 I have worked as a career guidance practitioner and job search coach assisting a wide range of individuals and organisations.

My skills in this area have been shaped by roles in professional recruitment and four years working as an Outplacement Consultant with an international management consultancy. A further eleven years as a careers adviser in the higher education sector has consolidated my skills in career/life counselling.

Prior to this, and for a significant part of my career I worked as a training and development specialist and consultant. In this capacity I have worked across various industries including banking, tourism and hospitality, retail and wholesale, information technology, local government, and not for profit sectors.

My abilities as a trainer include training needs analysis, training program development, instructional design and group facilitation skills. I operate competently in both online and offline learning settings. I have a particular professional interest in the development of the so-called ‘soft skills’.

In 2015 I realised that I needed to diversify the type of guidance and assistance I was providing to my clients.

It was quite apparent that the old world of clearly identifiable, predictable career pathways and job roles was changing rapidly and undergoing massive disruption; all of this as a result of the impact of various technologies and the booming digital economy.

As a result there is a significant trend whereby everyday people are deciding to (perhaps needing to) create their own jobs by becoming entrepreneurs – online.

One of the often overlooked benefits of the booming digital economy and the easy, prolific availability of relevant technologies is that it has never been easier for the average person to set up and successfully operate an online business.

Despite this however, I also realised that some people would need assistance and coaching in developing the skills required to do this.

It was for these reasons that from 2015 I decided to assist clients in either of two ways:

  1. Provide career advice, guidance and job search coaching for people who were still traditionally employed, and wanted to continue employment in their careers and jobs
  2. Provide training, coaching and mentoring for people who wanted to commence a new career in the online world by setting up and operating their own online business.

My qualifications include a Diploma in Professional Counselling and a Graduate Certificate in Career Development. I am a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA).