Owning and running a business can be tough. Not only do you have your day job, where you use the skills that got you here. Thats the easy part. You also have another job because of your past success.

This is the one where you have to determine the business direction, set the strategy and goals, build and manage the team, keep your eye on the top and bottom lines and keep track of industry and market changes, all the while ensuring your business keeps on track and growing. Taking enough time out of your day job to do all this is a real challenge.

I help professional business owners effectively grow their businesses by giving you time spent on the business to solve actual problems, rather than in it, doing your day job. If you arent looking to grow your business, I can help you make your business more efficient, or simply a better place to be.

I specialise in the development and blended integration of allied advice services to Financial Planning, Accounting & Business Advisory firms to assist them to effectively and profitably provide a wider range advice services. I achieve this by developing or improving in-house capabilities and referral pathways, or external business alliances. This is particularly relevant to Accounting business newly licensed to provide financial planning advice or looking to do so.

I also provide a broad range of consultancy and coaching services ranging from Strategic and Operational planning to Operational Structures, Role design, Staff recruitment, Team building, Performance Development, Staff Recognition and Cultural Improvement and the Development or review of client service propositions and pricing.


  • Facilitation of business strategy and business planning formulation

  • Training and coaching to achieve goals at an individual and business level

  • Leadership and Management

  • The integration of Accounting, Financial Planning, and or Mortgage Lending businesses

  • Successful development of accounting referral and business alliance partnerships

  • Staff management and coaching

  • Development of client value propositions, including appropriate pricing

  • Role identification, definition and recruitment of suitable staff and advisers from junior positions to future equity partners

  • Business succession, including exits, acquisition and integration.


  • Batchelor of Economics (Accounting) Flinders University of SA

  • Diploma in Management (Proteus Leadership)

  • Certified Practicing Accountant

  • Certified Financial Planner